Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN



In partnership with S&P Global Foundation, Ashoka has spearheaded a regional study on Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN to learn and celebrate the work of over 100 women social entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia. As one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, women drive a sizable fraction of the region’s growth and yet, they are rarely celebrated as powerful changemakers.
This report features insights and impact stories from women social entrepreneurs (WSEs) doing innovative and powerful work in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. It also outlines the challenges these women had to overcome to become the women impact leaders of today. There are also bold recommendations on potential solutions and systemic change required to further unlock the potential of women social entrepreneurship in ASEAN. 

This report seeks to be a call-to-action to women social entrepreneurs, key stakeholders, and their supporters from all across ASEAN to collectively re-imagine the future of women social entrepreneurship and changemaking in the region.


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Social entrepreneurs work for the good of all. However, advancing their work is only possible with an inclusive and sustainable economy. This report deep dives into the landscape of social entrepreneurship, with a focus on women social entrepreneurs in ASEAN, to inform key stakeholders on what next steps to take towards the global gender equality movement.


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